Friday, August 01, 2008

Kinda Like The Blue Screen Of Death

This is what the screen on my IPhone looks like. (now don't give me any crap...I know I just posted about money being tight...I bought this over a year ago...when it seemed like I HAD I know better) So every once in a while there is an update for the phone. I just plug it into my computer and click 'update'.
The one available today was taking a while. The chief came by so I went up front to visit with him.
When I returned to my computer...the screen looked like this.

So I opened I-Tunes (which runs the IPhone) and saw this (only it said IPhone instead of IPod) :

Crap, Crap, Crap!!!!

Appropriate panic set in. Palms sweaty, tightness in the chest, ringing in the ears.

Quickly called Apple.

Nice customer service fellow (yes! I said nice, who knew) talked me through the restore and voila, I didn't actually lose anything.

Disaster averted.

This technology stuff is tricky.


Cindy said...

You will have to tell Beth this story - she will say that is why she still has an 8-track player - ha!!

Kathy said...

Just hearing about it makes me kind of sweaty, too!

Glad you didn't have an iphone tragedy. :)