Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bike To Work Episode 1

If you can bike to work....DO IT!!!!!!

So much fun.

I did a test ride on Sunday. Just to cover the distance, see how long it would take, see if I could get my fat...hmm...up the hills.

Sunday was great!

So Monday morning, off I went. I left at 7am anticipating a ride of about 40 minutes, just over 7 miles.

I found a nice route that kept me off the main thoroughfares and minimized the hills...

I'd been packing my work stuff in my pannier bags for a month or so trying to figure out what I really needed and what I could leave behind. Two bags carried my laptop, any clothes I needed, my lunch, purse and a book.

The ride was so nice. It was cool enough for long sleeves but warm enough for shorts.

I was struck by how many people said good morning. What a nice way to start the day.

On my ride how this morning I stopped and talked to some kids waiting for the school bus. They asked if I was in a race :-) We talked about Earth Day and what they were doing in school today to celebrate.

It was cooler and I had to stop and pull on some long pants.

There is one hill on the way to work and one hill on the way home that I really HATE. I look forward to my fitness improving so those hills don't kick my butt so bad.

A few dogs give chase but I don't really think their hearts are in it...except one little Jack Russell...I think he thought he could take me.

So...Happy Earth Day and...bike on!


MUD said...

Just be careful out there. Them crazies don't care but we do. MUD

Cindy said...

I'd advise not dismissing the Jack Russell - they are known to be pretty SCRAPPY - and we have proven experience with SCRAPPY, now don't we - so, that's my two cents about that. (:

Chile said...

Dogs. Hm. You can't always outrun them. I've read that if you have to stop, be sure to keep your bike between you and the dog.

Another alternative is to carry a small canister of pepper spray with you. (They make some that strap to your handlebars.) To use, direct the spray towards the dog's open mouth, not the eyes. Spraying in the eyes can blind the dog and that would be bad! Hopefully you'll never have to use it, but IMO, it's better safe than sorry. ('Course I live in a city where pitbulls are very popular dogs, and I've seen a number of them loose.)