Friday, April 18, 2008

Just Because I'm A Public Employee Doesn't Mean I Should Have To Clean Up After You

Unless you are on fire that is...and even then we don't really 'clean'. Actually we make quite a mess...

But I digress...

Just now...sitting in the station with the bay doors open. Sitting in the day room that I JUST mopped.

A guy pulls up in a pickup truck, walks into the station to ask for some directions.

It looked like he had been knee deep in mud.

So I mopped again.

Some people have no manners.


Anonymous said...

Can you help the blond change her background so Grandma can read it easier.

Sorry you had to mop again, some people are just pigs.
Love Aunt Sue

Mom/Katie said...

It goes with the territory! How many mom's have the same complaint.

MUD said...

Ever have a bunch of rowers come in from the lake and stay the night? I'll bet there were 15 showers and they all washed their hair. Oh well, I loved it.
The firemen that put out the fire we had in Ottawa put out the fire and made darned little mess. They put up a fan in the window and blew out all the smoke. They showed us a product that we sprayed on the carpet and curtains and the smoke smell went right away. I realize outs was just a small fire in a pile of clothes in the basement but I was darned proud of them pushing in a window and not even breaking it.

Cindy said...

Say, I'm wondering if we might perhaps know one another Mud. Are you referring to Ottawa, KS by any chance? I graduated from high school there and my dad still lives there. Cindy Wiklund. Ring any bells??

MUD said...

Wife and I lived in Ottawa KS from 1975 to 1980. We were at 1515 S. Poplar and I worked for the National Guard Full Time at the Armory. MUD