Sunday, April 20, 2008

We're Smoking Again!!

Steve is explaining how we will win the cook off in a few weeks.

Andrew is somewhat unsure.

Kim definitely isn't buying it!

Brother Steve bought a new smoker.
We went over on Saturday and he fed us.
He painted the side boards red. Looks great!
He's pretty happy.


MUD said...

Have I ever met brother Steve? I have Grill envy. I'll bet I have more hickory that he does! This is the bigger version of my next grill. I do want it to have an electric rotisserie. Where are you cooking in a contest? MUD

Jenn said...

The Cedar Creek Smokers are cooking in Lawrence on May 9&10.
I won't be there...regatta season and all.

Anonymous said...

let me know if you're looking for a star spangled banner singer this season! gb : )