Thursday, April 03, 2008

If I Get A Minute

I remember the lazy afternoons in January and February. Spent dozing on the futon with a good book and the critters snoring near me.

Yeah...I'd nap if I got a minute.

Rowing is in full swing. Filling my afternoons (and some evenings and most Saturdays) with goofy teenagers, interesting adults (they're goofy, too), sunshine, and water.

Yesterday was sooo much fun. The kids had a great row. Relaxed and productive. Everyone is improving and enjoying our time on the water.

We are slowly getting adjusted to the boatyard. We have a storage shed now. I feel like I've gone to coach heaven...I have somewhere to hang my keys, leave a know...spread out my coaching paraphernalia. Good stuff.

It is much harder to be green when I am so busy.

I have been using the dryer more...when I actually have time to do the laundry.

The recycling has piled up some...Andrew and I will drop it off tomorrow when he comes to spend the day with me.

I noticed this morning that I left several lights on as I sped around getting ready for work.

I'm still striving not to purchase unneeded plastic and refusing all styrofoam. I will begin a compost as soon as I have the time to put together a compost spot. The clothes line will go up...yeah...when I get a minute.

I'm eating on the run and need to put some take home containers in my purse/car so I have options for food. It's interesting how limited my food options are when I'm in a hurry, need to eat and want to eat 'green'. I'll post some of the options I've discovered...again, when I get a minute.

There are several good challenges out right now. Crunchy Chicken has a great Buy Nothing Challenge.
Buy Nothing Challenge - April 2008
I'll participate but informally.

Chile is challenging us to declutter.

Love it!! But...I'll not commit...only follow along and try...when I get a minute.

Anyhow...driving the big red truck today...feeling a bit like I'm catching a cold.

Maybe the fire gods will smile on us and I'll get a nap...if I get a minute.

(and can I just say how glad I am the spell check is working again!!)

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Anonymous said...

Do what you can and ignore the rest. Being rich means that you can sometimes overlook some of the little things and splurge some. Yesterday was one of those early spring days that just happen when you really need them. Now for today, I have to go to a shopping center and fix the truck that broke down this morning in the rain. Crap. I had it running so well. MUD