Thursday, April 17, 2008

Does it look like this where you are??

So very, very, VERY tired of the wind.

On another note...

Now while I don't have my clothesline up yet I will improvise and hang my laundry outside...and maybe, just maybe...get my act together and start working on my clothesline.

Who's with me...even if just 1 t-shirt for just 1 day?


MUD said...

That picture looks like Kansas for the last couple of days. Last Friday Dave's trash container blew out in the road and a truck hit it. I looks like someone set off a big green plastic IED there by his drive. It was just the right combination of cold that made the container shatter all over the place.
I probably should put up a close line. I forgot to turn on the exhaust fan as I did the laundry yesterday and the humidity here in the house is at least 90%. MUD

Anonymous said...

Way back in the 60's and 70's and all of the time I was a kid I hung out clothes. One kid would crawl down the block. You can guess which one. Once I got a clothes dryer I vowed to never do it again. That is one green thing you can forget me on.
Love you for all your efforts.
Aunt Sue

Cindy said...

And here I got excited thinking you were inviting us over for beers, and of course, "hanging out"