Saturday, April 26, 2008

A Girl And Her Dehumidifier

I live in an older house, stone basement. It's Kansas, in the Spring. The very, very, very wet Spring.
To keep us all from molding I run a dehumidifier in the basement when it gets uggy.
Maybe the most important appliance in the house. And it quit working.
So off the Lowes I went. I knew what I wanted and Andrew tagged along to distract...I mean...keep me company.
Spent a few minutes in the dehumidifier isle while my darling nephew informed me that "this is taking way too long".
Made my choice, paid the exorbitant price and loaded my purchase in the car and headed off to get the little darling some ice cream.
At home later, after carrying the big heavy box to the basement, I notice that it had several picture that looked like electrical plugs. Uh oh! I thought. I need that big outlet...crap...I don't have one...crap.
So I carried the big box back up the stairs and headed back to Lowes. Hoping that they'd still be open at 8:50 pm.
They were.
After carrying the big box back into the store...have I mentioned that the box was big...and standing in front of the cashier and explaining to her that there was nothing wrong, I just bought the wrong one...and then, then I notice my good friend Mike...said hi to him and just as I began to explain what I was doing I looked at the box again and...yes, there were pictures of electrical plugs...just normal electrical plugs...just like I have all over the basement.
The worst part of the whole thing is that someone I know witnessed my absolute stupidity.
So I put the big box...big heavy box...back in the car and walked around Lowes with Mike...he's kinda a hardware store junkie, too.
Then I went home put the dang thing in the basement and this morning...we are significantly less moldy.


Rebecca said...

This is too funny. This story made me laugh. You are a trip. I miss you. Can I come visit???

muskiedine said...

Sounds like someone else I know..too funny. New blog. muskiedine.

muskiedine said... Ann.