Monday, April 21, 2008

Happy Earth Day!

Sorta seems like this is a holiday made just for me! And other greenies like me.

To celebrate Earth Day I will ride my bike home from work in the morning ('s technically not Earth Day yet but...) where I will eat some earth friendly breakfast, take a four minute shower, hang some clothes out up to dry and then...then I will have to get in my pollution spewing suv and drive to about 14 different places.

Here is the place where if I was a 'quality' blogger I would have lists of links and events to celebrate our earth. But you know...I mostly blog sort of...well...sort of what ever comes to mind.

I think about posts and occasionally start one that I plan to work on but...I get side tracked.

...where was I...oh, yeah...Earth Day. Right.

Ummm...I held a 13 day old Alison today while I helped her family meet with the funeral home. Alison's great grandma passed away 3 days ago. Life begins, life ends. Alison's GG was a neat lady. Fiery, funny, nosy, quick with a laugh and a correction if needed. She's been a fixture at the police and fire credit union for 40 years. She'll be missed. Alison will carry on where Edna left off.

So tomorrow for Earth Day I'll be getting new dress uniform pants...I need many more bikes to work before my current ones are comfy again, dropping my class A's at the dry cleaner, running this errand, making that phone call.

Right after I bike home from work.

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Chile said...

Meandering posts - I know that one! Yesterday, I rode my bike to a store. On the way there, I composed one blog post in my head. On the way back, another one. When I got home, I sat down and something else entirely spewed out onto my screen. Go figure!

Hope you recover from overdoing it quickly. ;-)