Sunday, April 06, 2008

I'm too nervous to talk about it.

(rock chalk)


Cindy said...

It's all good, no matter what!! Keep the red and blue faith!!

MUD said...

I am excited about the prospect of the best two teams in the country playing tonight. Let there be no doubt that before the game the score will be 0 - 0. and when it ends there will be a National Champ. Who will be determined by the game. It will be no sin to lose to Memphis or no earth changing moment to beat them. It will be a game and I, myself will do my best to enjoy the last game of the year. We won the Big 12 Tournament and beat NC, the rest is just more fun. MUD

Donna said...

Stomach in knot at my end, too...but I'm w/Cindy and MUD... this is just gravy!