Saturday, August 23, 2008

What Customer Service?

If I were providing a service to insurance. And I raised the insurance $250 a year...FOR NO REASON (they said it was a 'state wide increase').

And that person called to let me know that they were cancelling the policy and going with another company (closer to the original premium).

I would not be insulted or snippy when that person was not interested in getting a home owners quote.

Why, why would I continue to do business with them when they raise my rate FOR NO REASON!!!

And then...when I change my phone service and the company I switch to contacts my current provider. Why does the original company still bill me...for service I've not yet even received...or will ever receive since I no longer am connected to them!!!

I'm surrounded by papers. And starting to lose track of who I have talked to and who I still need to talk to.


Side note...the fellow from Liberty Mutual (they now hold both home and auto for me) was super. If you are looking to switch let me know and I'll give you his number!

Have a great weekend.

(please note that this is in no way a post about is a post about business, how not to do business, customer service and how frustrating it is to deal with these people. Do you have any frustraing customer service stories? Come guys always have stories!)


Kathy said...

John and I can sooo relate! All the companies he's dealing with to settle June's affairs...some have been wonderful and others completely awful!

The Visa people raised my rate FOR NO REASON, too last year. (After we had transferred another balance to take advantage of a low interest deal.) Nice.

I recently paid off the account and closed it for good. The man in the "please don't close your account you have been such a great customer for so many years department" was very nice to me. He wanted to lower my rate. Bastards.

I'm going to get a low fixed rate card at my local credit union.

Anonymous said...

The best way to have a Visa card is a debit card and it comes right out of the bank I always tell them to use it as a credit card at the grocery store and use it at the gas station as a credit card. We don't carry a balance on the
Master card so it just gets paid whenever we get the bill. It is good to travel and only do so when we have the money to pay for it when we get home. Forget cell phones. We still have Southwestern bell and a cell phone 911 only for the car. The grandkids don't know how to dial that phone on the wall.
Love Aunt Sue

MUD said...

This year American Family has decided that all my policies should go up about $250. They just don't understand how I might want to save all that money to have another company. After all, they did pay a claim in lets see, 1983. They can't make up their losses all in my account , They can try but I'll cancel them PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick)
Sorry about the dogs getting old. Baby is pushing 12 and every once in a while has trouble getting up.
One of these days.

Anonymous said...

Insurance? I have the best homeowners Company. We need a new $7,700 roof and Alan was miffed when I asked State Farm to come out and see if they would cover any of the cost. The roof is about 18 years old and has gone through several hail storms in the past without our filing a claim. Alan said that they would not pay anything. They are going to pay for the entire roofing job and they are also paying for 2 new dounspouts and two sides of the metal woodshop that had hail damage, plus paint. What a pleasant surprise! Mom