Friday, August 29, 2008

I Had The Best Intentions

Really...I did.
I was going to spend the day working on some projects at home.
Maybe even tackle the attic office.
I swam this morning. Did a little basic housework...
...and then.
(and some Oprah)


Donna said...

btw... that was a RHETORICAL question... I think that we all know the answer to it...

Donna said...

ooops... i posted this answer on the wrong blog post... i'm so confused. looks like I'm not qualified to lead the country either! so... some time on the couch would be more in order. GOOD WORK, JENN!

Cindy said...

I wish I had spent some time on the couch at home. Having computer/internet problems. AT&T got here at 8:10pm tonight and think my "network card" inside the computer went out. They managed to get me hooked up wireless for the time being. It's always something.

Anonymous said...


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