Saturday, August 30, 2008

Me Thinks Perhaps He's Seen It Once Or Twice Before

Andrew and I have spent the day together.

We went to Splash Cove where I didn't do the typical, sit on the side of the pool and watch him. I swam, wore my goggles so we could wave at each other underwater, went down all the slides...many times, stood under the water fall and surfed in the wave pool. This is the only 6 year old summer we get.

We bought a used Trail A Bike and took it for a test spin.

We went to the store, got the fixings and enjoyed home made pizza.

I spent $10 on two movies at Blockbuster but he wanted to watch 'School Of Rock' instead.

So now I am relaxing on the couch while he recites to dialogue.

Anyone got any guesses how many times he's seen it?


Kimmy said...

At least a million! "You can't stop the school of rock"

mike said...

school of rock ROCKS! I love the jam at the very very end.