Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's All Fun And Games Until Someone Gets Hit By A Hurricane

My sister Gina and her family live in New Orleans. She has made her career as a lawyer, fighting for the people of New Orleans. Long hours were taking their toll and she wanted to spend more time at home with her husband Charlie and my stinky nephew Stephen.

So she got a new job. She is working for St Tammany Parish. She is second in command. St Tammany Parish is just north of Lake Pontchartrain across the long causeway. As a government official she is very busy preparing for Hurricane Gustav.

There are mandatory evacuations. Charlie and Stephen are in Texas with my folks.

But Gina....had to stay.

Earlier in the week there were some light hearted conversations about how she's only been on the job a few weeks and now she gets a hurricane. And to top it off...tomorrow is her birthday.

It's not very funny any more.

Say a prayer for her...and all the government, rescue and emergency folks who are hunkered down, waiting for the storm to hit. And waiting to help those who need help and to do the things that need to be done so everyone can come home.


Donna said...

We're thinking of you, Gina... and Charlie and Stephen and the rest of your family. Happy happy birthday to you...

Kathy said...

A prayer for Gina and all the others. Be smart. Be safe. And I hope it's not too scary.

Cindy said...

I'll be thinking of her and her family also. My neighbor now lives in Baton Rouge - not too far from New Orleans. Haven't been able to get ahold of him. How scary and sad for those people, twice in 3 years. It would seem that they are much better prepared this time, but still a lot of tragedy with the damage the storm will do.