Saturday, August 30, 2008

Those Calls That Stick WIth Us

We had a tough call early in the morning last shift.

Not tough physically. We weren't there a long time. It wasn't that.

It was the finality of it. The sad, sad waste. Something unfortunate happened. Maybe intentional, maybe not. That's for the police to decipher. But it is sad.

Sad for the family who lost a daughter. Sad for the family that perhaps has already lost their son. Sad for the little brother who was there and will never be the same.

Teachers, cops, ems, fire, nurses, docs, hospice...we all have a handful of calls/patients/students that stay with us. People we see when we close our eyes.

My list is one call longer.


Rebecca said...

Kris had a horrible call last night. Head on collision...had to cut four out. Lots of blood and ugliness. My hat is off to the both of you. I couldn't do it.
I love you.

Kathy said...

You can't change a situation but...

If you're going through something awful, the people around you can make a HUGE difference.

Believe me.

And thank you.


MUD said...

After 30 years, most of the real ugly stuff has faded into the night and doesn't come back often. I can laugh a lot now and find that the love of people around me make it all go away for the most part. Do what you have to, cry when you have to and talk about it to someone now and then if it all seems to be piling up. Love Ya' MUD

Cindy said...

yep, gotcha. and I second what the others said.