Sunday, August 10, 2008

It's Just A Little Swollen, Yeah.

Apparently I'm a tad allergic to wasps all of a sudden. A trip to the emergency clinic for antihistamines and steroids and hopefully tomorrow the puffy face will look more like my regular face. And I will steer clear of wasps from now on...and maybe get an epi pen...hmmmmm.

Kimmy says the picture doesn't do it justice. Gina suggested a girls night out where I can be the ugly sister. Barb and Kim were plotting how to save my life with a bic pen should I have any trouble breathing (don't worry breathing is just fine). Austin thinks I look like I got beat up.

Can ya feel the love?


Cindy said...

YIKES!! I would say you are a little allergic. The last time I was "stung" was years ago, but it sure reminded me why they call it a "sting", because it sure did! Feel better!!

MUD said...

Wow, I don't think I looked that swollen after I got punched in the nose. Have you been watching the rowing. Every time I see it I think about you. You have brought such great joy into our life. MUD

Kathy said...

Yeah, just a bit swollen! Even your non-swollen side looks swollen.

Stay away from the killer bees, too. I hear they're none too friendly. :)

Anonymous said...

Holy Schnike! I think your mouth may even look a little crooked. GLAD YOU'RE OKAY!!! When I was a kid, I got stung by a wasp once and I landed in the hospital over night and had to take allergy shots for YEARS. At least you've got size on your side... gb

Rebecca said...

Kris says, Oh gosh...poor Jenn." I say, "I am so sorry my wonderful cousin."

Effing wasps. We love you.