Monday, August 04, 2008

Oh My God...It's So Freakin Hot!

Like 100 degrees!
I promise to freeze my buns off all winter but for the love of god bring on the AC!
Hanging out at the station today. Brought the girls because old dogs do not do well left out in the heat. The AC here is just barely keeping up.
Can't wait to get a fire call, put on our snowsuits and go work hard...yeah, good times.
So what do all really smart people do when it gets this hot? Why they jump in the car and drive to Texas where it's REALLY hot. So, yeah, we'll be doing that later this week. I WILL be in the kiddy pool with Andrew.
(Yes MUD, I'll blog from there and no, I don't have a picture of Austin Micheal to post)
Speaking of the little guy. He's had a rough go his first week of life. Had some trouble keeping his oxygen level up so he spent a few days under a hood getting some help. Now he has a little jaundice but they are taking care of that with some lights. Hopefully he'll be home soon but a few prayers sent his way can't hurt. His mom sure wants him home and healthy. I can't imagine how hard this is for mom and dad.
So...anyone have any techniques for dealing with the crazy heat.
I like napping by a fan.


Cindy said...

When everyone is complaining how cold it is, these are the days that I remember. I am just PRAYING that my ac keeps going because I would be at one of your houses in about a minute if it quit.

Kathy said...

I usually only think about my own misery on days like this. We all need to remember people like the firefighters who have HOT jobs!

Good vibes to little "A" who has some challenges right now. It will only make him stronger!

Donna said...

those yummy slushy orangy vodka-y things always seem to work for me. oh... wait a minute... i see mto have one in front of me right NOW!

have a great time in texas... say hello to the 'rentals for me. safe travels!

MUD said...

Ice cream bars or beer and a good fan. MUD