Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You'd Think By Now...

Grocery store employees would be figuring it all out. Reusable bags, I mean.
Get ready for a little rant.
In the last week I have:
  1. Shopped at a local grocery store. One that advertises a 'farmers market' on Saturdays and participates in an Eat Local CSA. I grabbed something by mistake and I left my cart at the checkout (it was not busy, no one else in line and the checker said "go") to grab the correct item. When I returned the checker had rung up my items, placed all of my produce in separate plastic bags and put my purchases in my reusable bag. ARGHHHHH.
  2. Forgot my reusable bag and asked that my purchases be sacked in paper...which she then slipped inside a plastic one. ARGHHHHHH
  3. Had a 2 minute conversation with a checker trying to convince me to put my prescription, already over packaged in a paper sack, in a plastic sack. ARGHHHHH
  4. Had a checker put a carton of eggs in a plastic bag and then put the bag in my reusable bag. ARGHHHHH

It's interesting to me how confused some checkers become when presented with a reusable bag. You know how they load a paper bag...heavy items at the bottom, bread and eggs on top...yeah, not so much. They lay the bag on it's side and shove everything in. I often take the bag to the end of the counter after I've paid and re sack.

It would be easier to just be quiet and take my purchases home in many plastic bags. It would be easier to drive my car to work. It would be easier to dry my clothes in the dryer. It would be easier to just throw everything away.

But it's not about being easier.

It's about be more aware of the impact we have on the world we live in.

But it's not easy.

There...I feel better.


Donna said...

I'm with you... I've experienced all of the above. At my local market this weekend, one of the check-out gals said that in California, shoppers are charged 20 cents per bag...whether paper or plastic. Bring on the re-usables!

MUD said...

I think Aldi has the same deal. Bring in a used bag or pay for each new one.

There is a saying in AA that goes:
"Lord grant me the strength to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I can't, and the wisdom to know the difference."

BUT, Thanks for the Blogs so I can rant every once in a while.


Anonymous said...

Hooray for Hy Vee! They put things in my re-usable bags and do a really good job. They seem to be happy that I brought them. They pack them a little heavy some of the time, but I'm building muscle. I finally got the hang of taking the bags to the store with me. It's a good thing.

Kathy said...

Get bossy with them from the get go. In a friendly way. :)