Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Got Beat Up By A Texas Wasp

And just say that you pick up your baseball cap, put it on your head and there is a wasp in it.
He will sting you on your forehead and you will wake up the next morning with a very itchy rash on your forehead and scalp and your eye will be swollen...not shut but just enough to make you look like you got beat a wasp

I know it's probably not very animal friendly but I crushed his body with my shoe.

Now he's mulch.

Which I suppose is environmentally friendly.


MUD said...

I almost got sent home from a Baptist youth camp when a wasp stung me and I thought the counselor had poked me with his swagger stick. I called him several choice names and none of which were approved by the camp Leader. I hate wasps because they will continue to sting you where a honey bee will sting once and lose his stinger. Spiders and wasps all should die young and ugly. MUD

Anonymous said...

was this part of the vaca weekend 'documented'??? gb

Kathy said...

Yeah! Where's the photo?

Bee Sting Cure said...

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