Saturday, August 09, 2008

On Vacation

MUD commented a few days ago how he wished his people would post while on vacation. Now I think he was strongly hinting that he'd REALLY like to see some pictures of little Austin Michael...and I have to agree with him, some more pics would be awesome.

I do understand that between getting the new house ready to move into, getting the old house ready to move out of and running back and forth to NICU, they might have been just a little busy. But they are home now and we all hope good pictures are forthcoming.'s another one of my vacation posts. Get a cuppa and settle down for painfully cute pictures of the nephews, cools pics from the lake and maybe...just maybe a picture of my dad...SMILING.

Travel to Texas if often peppered with little detours. We don't take major you can see above...sometimes we don't even take minor ones. The IPhone came in very handy. Who would have known that the correct turn would take us under this bridge!

Andrew and I start every morning with a walk to check out the dock. It's one of my favorite parts of every day.

Andrew is perfecting his photography skills. I won't share the 16 pictures of the garden hose.

Austin and Andrew enjoyed the boat trip. We went out to see the lake and do a little swimming.





Coming back into the cove Andrew took the steering wheel.

Look...his hands only!

At lunch while we were explaining to Andrew that he would have to take turns playing with the IPhone...that I was Austin's aunt too...Andrew said "she's MY aunt Jenn, I saw her first!" I love that kid.

Kenny was our awesome photographer...Kim gave some instruction.

Can you believe this is AFTER Austin's haircut?

Three of my favorite people.


MUD said...

Great Photos. Did it cool down any there? It is great today other than a little rain.
You got Santa to almost smile. Shame you didn't get him out of his Union Suit and into real clothes.
As for hair, I have my own pony tailed son to worry about. Besides, tell AJ that I saw you first.

Anonymous said...