Friday, December 11, 2009

DPP Day 11...Lunch With Bruce...and Snick And the Wise Guys

Yesterday I had lunch with my sweet friend Bruce. Bruce and I have known each other since I was in college. I interned for him in his photo studio and then worked for him on an off for a while.
I was having some trouble with my camera and Bruce is the smartest photo guy I know and sure enough...he helped me work out what was wrong.
Doesn't this indoor photo look good! Maybe now I can take pictures at Christmas that don't make us look like we are opening presents in a cave!
Thanks Bruce! You're the best! Tonight I had dinner with my dear friends Donna and Ed. Donna and I always celebrate when we are both half way through our Holiday Erg Challenge. (actually we celebrate for just about any reason) I'm at about 110K and Donna's at about 112k. Go us!
Donna's a bit like me and loves to decorate her home for Christmas. Her 'daughter' Snick likes to hang out on the table by the window with the Wise Men.Many years ago I made stockings for most of my family. Donna, Ed and their boys Chris and Mike got stockings, too. It's a little hard to see but next to Snowchick Donna is a little stool...and on top of that stool is Snicky.
It was fun tonight to look around her home and on her tree. Just as in my home there are so many things that connect us at Christmas...and always.


MUD said...

One of the highlights of kenny's party was to get to meet Donna and her husband. They are great people and I am glad that they welcome you into their lives. What was the problem with your flash? Was it just a setting? Or was it a loose nut behind the lens? MUD

Donna said...

An awesome evening it was, Jenn! I look forward to many more celebrations of the erg-sort and otherwise!!!

MUD... we enjoyed talking with you as well. Thank you for your years of service.

Kathy said...

Looks like good times were had by all!

Donna...beautiful decorations!