Sunday, December 20, 2009

DPP Day 20

These are technically DPP day 18. It's taken me a while to get these sorted, edited and up.
I have something fun for later today so check back. After dark...

Our Fab bus driver!
Kelli and Kathy...sisters and friends.

Stewie's mom laid out a spread! Thanks Margaret!

We sang loud but not necessarily in tune...and if I noticed it couldn't be good.
We had so much fun...
Mama Sac hooked us up with Povitica...homemade! Yummmm

The Hose Draggers and Mama Sac.
Yep...all those girls are Fire Fighters...except the little one. But she's family.
Singing for Kelli's mom.

Janet squared.
A little fellow I don't know but I loved his hat! We sang for his grandma.
We sang for Betty. She had heart surgery last week. Silent night made her cry. Me too.
Janet squared and their Cindy Lou Hoo hats.
All of us crowded into the Miller's kitchen.
Sis. And someone's beer. For some reason this cracks me up.
I think they knew we were coming and put out some yummy treats.

He looks guilty, doesn't he?

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