Wednesday, December 02, 2009

What My Mornings Look Like

I brought my erg with me to know...the whole
Holiday Erg Challenge.
It's worked out pretty well. I've mentioned has been a great host. He leaves for work at 5am. So I'm up then, put the erg in front of his very nice TV, knock out my meters, eat, to class.
Even better, he has an extra-extra bedroom so my erg has it's own room!
Day 2 of the December Photo Project...done!


Anonymous said...

I need to get on the erg instead of posting pictures. For evey day you post pictures, I'll do 30 minutes of erg or treadmill. I might increase the time if this old body of mine cooperates. You can post a picture of the new me when we finish. Love ya!

Donna said...

How do we know that you REALLY erged this morning? The monitor is at zeros! ;-)

GREAT photo!!!