Sunday, December 20, 2009

DPP Day 20...The People Celebrate

I work in an area we lovingly refer to as 'Upper Muncie'.
We have every trailer park in town.
We call them 'Our people'.
In one of the...not so wonderful a trailer whose owners are...really 'in to' the season.
It's my favorite. You can see it from K-32. The light bill is probably more than the rent.


Cindy said...

Your people did good lights!!

Donna said...

Ay caramba!

RT said...

Jenn, thanks taking part in the DPP! This shot is hilarious. You were a featured blogger on today's December Photo Project homepage, by the way!

Aubrey said...

It certainly seems to me that the smaller and more rural the trailer, the more inflatable christmas creatures are in the yard and the more lights in the trees. Down here in SC it's the same.