Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Recap

Musings Of A Housewife does a 2009 recap and I thought it sounded fun

I took the first sentence of the first post of each month of 2009. (although sometimes it's the title because I have an annoying habit of posting pictures with out commentary)


I want to BE the dog whisperer.

Who knew that a few short weeks later River would come to live with me. And I would get to practice my dog whispering skills.


I think Jennifer Hudson just lip synced the National Anthem...

I think I was watching too much TV.


Dedication Of The New KU Boathouse

The first posts of most months seem to be very short. But that picture is very cool.


Happy Green Spring Month

April started out so pretty...ended with so much brother drama...


Really...that's what this crazy week has been about.

This post is what I remember most about this month...but you should also read this one...So...some of you will recognize this as my bedroom.


Summer arrived at 4:45 this morning...well for me it did anyway. Today was the first day of summer practice.

With 400+ inches of snow on the ground and temps in the teens for the next several days...doesn't summer sound good.


There was supposed to be a nice post here about all the bazillion things that currently live in my car....but it has disappeared into blog land.

Four posts in July...that's all.


If I Was The Boss Of This Blog I'd Fire Me

I'm not sure I measured up.


Hey there ho there!

Oh my god...I've been on a diet since September! I should weigh less already.


We've been talking a lot at practice this week.

Yes...they do talk a lot.


It all started with a simple conversation about unicycles...and all of a sudden there was a hula hoop...

He He He...


I am spending this first day of December in Wichita, KS

What a cool picture...maybe my favorite this December.

How was your year?

...the linking was a pain but it was fun to look back over my year.


Cindy said...

Ok, that was fun. Yes, summer sounds absolutely wonderful about now, you are a dog whisperer in ongoing training, I like it that you take in strays and let then sleep on your bed for an afternoon, you measured up, your diet has made you healthier, and I will work on my many skills so that I might be a monthly highlight again next year (:

Love you!!

oh amanda said...

400 inches? I'm sorry I got stuck there! 400 inches?!!

I hope you're keeping warm! :)


Joyful said...

December has quite a unique picture.
Thanks for sharing.

Musings of a Housewife said...

Snow in June? You serious?? GAH. Thanks for taking the time to link up. It was fun to read. :-)