Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Welcome To The December Photo Challenge

I am spending this first day of December in Wichita, KS. I am attending an instructor's training class. Many of you already know this...
What you may not know is that my wonderful host Eric, does not have Internet service at his house. So I am sitting in my car outside of Panera, quickly posting this photo before I go to Eric's and study for my quiz tomorrow (got 100% on today's quiz!).
If you are familiar with Wichita you may recognize the Indian in the picture. He is called the Keeper Of The Plains and quite impressive.
I didn't remember until I was leaving training this evening that I needed a photo for today. The sun had just dropped over the horizon and I came around the corner to see the Indian and the cool bridge near him. I parked, jumped out, snapped quickly and am quite pleased with the picture.
See you tomorrow...wish me luck on my quiz.


Cindy said...

I agree, good picture. And good luck on your quiz. You'll ace it.

MUD said...

Tell Eric hi for me. I haven't seen him since we moved Mom to Tulsa.
Great photo. MUD