Sunday, December 13, 2009

DPP Day 13....Bacon Fest '09!

I have some of the best friends! We get together several times a year for a gathering we call Foodies. Everyone can cook. We all love food. And we always have so much fun.
Today was Bacon Fest. Everything had to contain bacon. We had all kinds of egg things with bacon. Things wrapped in bacon. There was bacon to stir the Bloody Marys. My favorite was bacon with a crunchy sweet glaze over it...almost like brittle...and the bread pudding...oh my, the bread pudding...
We had a white elephant exchange. Those of you from my Petty clan may recognize the purple gorilla...he's been at my house for the last two years. He will not be making a return appearance at this year's Petty Christmas. But no worries...I have something really great to give!

These pictures are really in no order...blogger is so cumbersome when loading pictures. I think I have a picture of everyone but Kelly and Micheal's daughter Emma and Sheri's husband.... Bacon, bacon and some things covered in bacon.
BACON!!!!! and olives for the Bloody Marys.
Donna and Kelly
Nedra...Stacy and Kelly's mom.
James and Lisa
Will...he belongs to Stacy and Ed.
James and the purple gorilla.
Bloody Marys, Mimosas and...wait for it...BACON!
Stacy...our hostess with the mostest.
Lily...the other half of 'Will and Lily". Belongs to Ed and Stacy.
James hog.
Donna...or a Bloody Mary. Note the bacon stir stick. Kenton...Stacy and Kelly's Dad.
Donna and Zoe...Zoe belongs to James and Lisa.
Donna and Ed
Thanks again's so fun to take pictures inside!!!


MUD said...

Will you have any fun left for next weekend? Looks like a fun time was had by all. MUD

Anonymous said...

How lucky you are to have so many great friends! Your life is rich!

Clare said...

Bacon Fest looks AWESOME! My mother would have had a heart attack from happiness (not just the fattiness) of such an event.

I also just love the look on Nedra's face. Perfect moment. As is the purple gorilla!