Thursday, December 03, 2009

I have a GREAT picture for today....unfortunately you can't see it until tomorrow.
Gosh I miss my WiFi!
I also miss my critters, my bed, my fire guys, my goofy little nephew.
And showering in my own bathroom, getting my clothes from my closet and not my suitcase and eating food from my own kitchen.
Tomorrow I have a quiz over the last four units, a project to present and a national certification test to take.
And then I'm going home!


Cindy said...

Good luck on everything you have to do and present today, then drive safely back home and hunker down!

Kimmy said...

Can't wait til you get back we miss you!

MUD said...

People appreciate what they have more when they are away. I think this is why the national Guard travel made my life better. Be safe. MUD