Friday, January 11, 2008

Andrew vs The Environment

Andrew and I spend a lot of time together and I thought why not involve him in some of my new 'green' activities. It's important to teach him about the environment and set a good example.

We've talked about why we won't go to McDonald's (we'll bring snacks in the car). About why it's important to turn the water off when you are brushing your teeth. I remind him to turn lights off when he leaves a room. We even have reusable cups in the car now for soda stops.

Today he helped me with the recycling. We gathered it from around the house. Talked about the difference between paperboard and cardboard. He read the number on the bottom of the plastic so we were sure we only took the right kind. He helped me put all the items in their correct bin at the recycling center.

On our way home from Lawrence this afternoon, where we freecycled a cartop carrier and lunched with my Mom using cloth napkins brought from home and our reusable cups, he fell asleep. Not wanting to wake him up and hoping he'd get a small nap I drove around for 45 minutes. Polluting the environment.

So far it's a draw.


Kathy said...

You just made me snort laugh. I'll use a dish towel to clean my computer screen. NOT a paper towel!

MUD said...

I have heard tales of parents using the car to put kids to sleep but never "drove around" to keep one that way. Oh well, MUD

Donna said...

too funny! i hope that he woke up 'on the right side of the back seat'!!! : )

Cindy said...

I know what you mean. Since I have never had curbside recycling, I have pondered the energy/gas/pollution expended to drive a carload of stuff to the recycling center. I bet Andrew will start to really get into it - it becomes a habit pretty easily to not throw all that stuff away.