Friday, January 25, 2008

DIsh Towels, Doggie Blood and Going Green

I'm going green. Yeah, yeah...I know, you know. But sometimes this has created funny moments.
I've been paying attention to the laundry I create.
I can wear a pair of jeans three times on average unless I'm doing something really grungy. I can sleep in PJ's (and I sleep in PJ's cause I'm freezing my buns off ) at least 2 nights, etc, etc.
I have tried not to wash so many dish towels. If I'm cleaning or dealing with something yucky I try to contain it to only one towel. I use another to wipe up water, dry my hands, dry dishes, etc. Hanging it to dry in between.
I'm also bringing dish towels to the station to cut down on our use of paper towels. The guys are really good sports.
Steve washed his hands in the kitchen while I was making some yummy pizzas for dinner. He asked if I had a towel for him to dry his hands. I handed him one and he looked at me quizzically.
"Is this blood?" He asked, showing me a brownish stain on the towel.
"Don't think so." I replied.
"Looks like blood to me.' This paramedic with 32 years of experience said.
Then it dawned on me. This weekend, my lovies weren't so lovie with each other leaving Maggie with a good cut on her face. I held some pressure on it to control a small bit of bleeding. With a old kitchen towel. The same old kitchen towels I usually bring to the station.
I'm guessing that it was on the table and didn't look dirty so I tossed it back in the towel basket.
I guess that is maybe something I need to pay closer attention to......
(Maggie is fine by the way. Just another scar to solidify her junkyard dog mystic)
(Steve is fine too)


Kathy said...

Hydrogen peroxide will get rid of blood.

When Patch bit the tip of Zoe's ear off, (good times) the receptionist at my vet's office told me to try it since I had blood all over my dress clothes.

When John plunged a box knife into his thigh, (good times) his jean shorts were drenched with blood. When we returned from the emergency room, (more good times) I soaked the shorts in hp and every bit of the blood came out.

Our dish towels usually have smeared chocolate on them from John. He's like a little kid. I can always tell what he's been up to by the crumbs and stains he's left. Gotta love the big guy!


Donna said...

Your green-ness has taught me a lot in the past few weeks. I know that there are lots of things I can improve on...but I also know that I really did learn a lot from my depression-era parents (you know...the one who eats the fastest gets the most!) I've been doing this dish towel thing for years, because that's the way mom mom did it. I always thought that that's the way everyone did it! Carry on...

MUD said...

Your dish towel story shows that you crossed the line somewhere. Cross contamination from dish towels can make for some nasty times. You should have some hand towels for your hands and some dish towels for the dishes. Do you need some dog towels? Oh well, see you at the game. MUD