Monday, January 07, 2008

The Green Plan-Step One

So this resolution to go green(er) is in full swing.

This weekend I did a lot of reading and established my home recycling project.

My house is small and space is limited but I was able to carve out some space under the sink for two containers (already had them...they are cat litter containers...environmentally friendly cat litter is on the list) and a space in the garage for an unused laundry basket to serve as a cardboard keeper. I will also be adding a box upstairs in the office to catch all the paper to recycle.
I had no idea that schools get money for recyclable paper they collect in the recycle containers. And that one of those is at the school right across the street from my house!

Did you know that landfills are air sealed and that even produce does not decompose as there is no air flow? Yuck! The answer is a compost but I'm not quite ready to go there yet. What I will do is try not to waste food. Prepare only what I'll eat. Not buy more than I can consume before it goes bad, etc.
The one thing I'm struggling with today is my crazy ziplock bag habit. Not sure how to address that but I will at least reuse them as I wean myself off and begin to use other environmentally friendly storage items.


Kathy said...

That's gotta be a Boulevard box in there! I see it!

You're just a little bit inspiring, ya know! You've got me thinking about what I do at home. I'm glad you found some close recycling options. Convenience is a killer.

Storage problems? Sounds like you need to go to an organizer store (how much fun is that!?!) or throw a tupperware party. :)

Anonymous said...

in your research, you've probably already come accross MARC...but if you haven't, check it out at gb