Friday, January 18, 2008

Breaking The Light Switch Habit

Do you turn on the light every time you enter a room? Even during the day? Even when it's perfectly lit with natural light from the windows?
There are lights in my house that I've not turned on in over 2 weeks. Yet today I turned the kitchen light on 8 times with out thinking about it. Every time I'd catch myself and turn it off, continue with what I was doing and then...all of a sudden the light was back on. I know I don't have a ghost so I know I was turning it on, without any conscious thought.
How many other things do we do without thinking that are wasteful and/or bad for us or the earth.
Do you idle your car at the bank?
If the shower is too hot do you turn the hot water down or the cold water up?
Do you let the dryer continue to run on that 'wrinkle free' setting while listening to it buzz?
Do you leave the frig door open while you pour a glass of milk?
Do you buy your CFL bulbs in the bad for the environment plastic clamshell packaging?
Do you put plastic wrap over things you're putting in the frig instead of using recyclable tinfoil?
Do you drive around in a parking lot looking for the 'best' spot instead of taking the first one you see and maybe walking a bit?
All of these are things I've done and things I'm working to change.
What are some things you do without thinking that you'd like to change?
You save those whales.


MUD said...

Nuke those Gay Unborn Baby Whales!
Dan tootin' there Jenn, there are a bunch of things I do without thinking and turning on the lights is just one of them. Barb went to a camp in Connecticut run by the Audobon society and they conserve water by flushing the toilet only a couple of times a day. I hate that!
There is just enough of my father in me to go around and turn the lights off but no one to shout at but me. "If you had to pay the damn electric bill, you would turn off those lights. Close the door, were you born in a damn barn? Hell yes the light bulb in the icebox is burned out, you stand there like a damned vulture fanning the door and looking for something to eat." Oh those precious moments that are memories of Dad.
Today I saw that Home Depot has nylon shopping bags for $1.99. If they weren't that damned orange I might have even bought one or two.

Donna said...

dad worked for the electric company when i was growing i heard a lot of 'turn the light off when you leave the room!'...its a good habit that i've, for the most part, kept! : )