Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Rethink, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Rethink is least by now, I sure hope so.
I freakin think about EVERYTHING!! (except that styrofoam cup of coffee I had this morning after a itty bitty house fire at 6am)

Reduce is next. Reduce what we purchase, reduce what we throw away, reduce how much food we prepare (which often gets thrown away), reduce how much we rely on the car for our transportation (or at least be more mindful of our travels). Below is my trash for 1 whole week! (prior to the manic basement cleaning)

Reuse creates opportunity for creativity. I am now using my paper towel holder to dry ziplock bags. (yes, I have become the crazy lady who washes plastic bags...I have not, however, began reusing tinfoil...there are limits)

Recycle well...duh. If you haven't got that yet, you've not been paying attention!

(and just a ps...there is a water main break on my street so my water is turned off and now the gas company is here to replace my gas meter and they will be turning my gas off...I'm almost living utility free right now!!)


Kathy said...

Can't decide if I need to pee or want a cookie.

Yeah. They won't let Kathy have a blog.

Chile said...

Oh, come on. It's easy to reuse aluminum foil. I haven't had to buy any in years! :)