Saturday, January 05, 2008

Going Green

1. No more paper towels. Or paper napkins. I have dish towels and cloth napkins.

2. Lights off unless needed. Same with the water when brushing my teeth, washing dishes and the big one...washing my fire truck.

3. Replace all light bulbs with those weird looking ones.

4. Begin to recycle. This one is going to take a little work. We don't yet have curbside recycling and I need to create a space in the garage to put recyclables. If you've been to my house you know that space is at a premium. And the recyclables will need to be out of dog's reach.

5. No more bottled water. I have a water bottle. And I'm going to try to wean the rowing club off as well.

6. I will ride my bike to work at least once when the weather gets warmer. If it's workable to ride regularly I will do so.

7. I will do my best to be aware of and try to buy local and/or organic. But not to the point it gets nutty. When I have the option and it's not a huge cost.

8. I will unplug things that don't need to be plugged in all the time.

9. I will not shop for unneeded crap. See
A Year Off. She inspires me!

10. I will carpool with my sister to Lawrence even when it means driving to her house and adding 20 minutes to my trip.


Aunt Sue said...

Check at your local Walmart. Here in Lawrence the store has a big recycle stop. Maybe you can bring your stuff oveer here.
Love Sue

Kimmy said...

As for the Lawerence one maybe we can take turns driving to each others house.

MUD said...

The accumulation of crap is a natural trait that we all suffer from. If you discover why we continue to buy and pile up things, let us all know. Even with a truck I don't haul off stuff enough. Dave's new house has every bulb replaced with lower watt fluorescent bulbs It will be fun to see what bulbs he replaces as time progresses. My next move is to explore a solar heater for his house. MUD

Donna said...

you inspire me, jenn. of note...there is a recycling complex off midland on the west side of 435...and a lovely bike trail not far from that. also...there is a new zine in kc that launched last fall called 'greenability'...about living greener and buying local in kc (and printed on recycled paper and earth-friendly inks) may be worth a quick perusal...

Cindy said...

Impressive list/effort. I have been an avid recycler for many years now. There are many places to take your stuff as I haven't had curbside since I started recycling. Google "recycling K.C." and you'll find something close. I have bags/boxes in the garage where I sort it, but I get the space concern. I RARELY have more than 1 bag of trash per week for pickup and it's usually not full. Once you get into it, it comes so natural. I bring stuff home from work (paperboard, we save empty plastic) too. I was tempted yesterday to salvage and breakdown the cardboard boxes from Christmas gifts that were sitting outside my neighbors townhouses waiting to be picked up. I probably should have...........