Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy MLK Day

Okay, I get why this holiday is important. I admire MLK and all that he did for all of us. I do, really.

But right now I'm mostly just annoyed.

See, in the world of the BIG RED TRUCKS we don't get regular holidays like so many of you. Mind you, I'm not complaining. I get more time off than most unemployed people I know. It does not suck!

So that makes this day pretty much like any other.

No trash pickup.
The recycling center is closed.
The Salvation Army is closed.
The library is closed.
The bank is closed.

I spent all day yesterday (and I mean ALL DAY) cleaning the basement. I have piles of stuff to got to the recycling center. I have several boxes for the Salvation Army. I have created twice as much trash in one day as I have in the last two weeks. But it will all have to wait.

So...I thought to myself..."self, why don't you go to the library and pick up that book you requested that is waiting to be picked up. You can spend the day on the futon reading".

But, no...dang library is closed.

And the bank. Which was something else I need to do.

So I'm just annoyed.


Kathy said...

Did you check the mailbox for mail? Like I did? :)

June said...

Hey look like you are WAY into GREEN...keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

sorry about your inconveniences...but it was great for us m-f'ers! : )

MUD said...

Where did all that come from. With two out of every three days off, you should be able to go with the flow and not let the Holiday get you down. The same thing happens every Sunday for the rest of the world.
Pet the dogs, relax and see if there isn't something you can do to take your mind off. MUD