Wednesday, January 16, 2008

So, How Am I Doing??

Well there are two ways to answer that question.

Green is kinda fun. Green is much harder than I thought.

Here is a small list of my current 'green' thoughts.

  1. Recycling is going to be easier than I thought. The recycle place is on my way home from work and it just takes me a few minutes to put the stuff in the car when I leave for work and stop on my way home the next morning. The sorting and storage at home seem to be working as well. I am floored by the amount of paperboard (cereal boxes and the like) and paper I generate. The next step is to see if I can drastically cut the amount of crap that comes in the mail.
  2. Not purchasing non recyclable items is (excuse the french) a real bitch! Hanging out with Austin and Andrew seems to be the biggest challenge. Andrew knows I'm an easy mark and always needs a snack.
  3. I still don't get the whole 'only #1 and #2 plastic with a neck'. What is that all about...

  4. Cutting my energy and water use has so far been fun. Trying to see how long each day I can go with out turning on a light, using water I boiled potatoes in to water the plants. planning a clothesline for the back yard and hanging laundry in the basement (I already had this system set up from when my dryer died).

  5. There are paper towel issues at the station. I can't seem to figure out how to clean the bathroom here without paper towels. At home I use Clorox wipes (I know but I'm NOT giving them up). The guys are so's an issue.

  6. I love taking my grocery bags to the store...and watching Steve carry them back to the fire truck!
  7. This little project of mine has generated so many great conversations with my friends and families. Many already do a lot...some are doing more.
  8. I'm anxious for Farmer's Market season. I'd really like to explore eating local. I have been making my purchases at the grocery with more thought to 'where' my food is coming from.
  9. Not only have I not added any more crap to my overstuffed house, I have made one trip to the goodwill and have another pile ready to go tomorrow.

And on another note it's getting close to rowing season....just a little over 4 weeks until the kids start back for the spring!


MUD said...

Start with a setback thermostat and lower the temp to the 60's when you aren't home. The dogs won't notice, I promise you. Taco and Baby are outside and it is only 13 degrees. They have a good house full of straw and are fine.
One of the things that most people did during the rationing of WWII was grow a good garden. No, I don't mean let Carol do it and drive 30 miles for tomatoes. Get out, turn some soil and grow your own. Bessie Petty canned everything from Tomatoes to pears and cherries when things got tough.
I am glad you found a recycle center closer than Lawrence. As for snacks, look at the trays that freeze frozen flavored water and as soon as it is warm put AJ on them. Don't buy the ones in plastic. Home made "Uncle Chuck Choc Chips are the best.
Have you wrapped your water heater yet? Where are you going on solar and conservation? MUD

Donna said...

I think you're doing great, Jenn. You're making the statement and creating the dialog...which are both important steps in the journey. Keep stirring it up...