Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Goes Around....

God always has a way of knocking me right off my high horse.
Today it came at about 2:30 in the form of a railcar full of, yep, recycled paper.
On fire.
60 bales at about 2000 pounds a piece. Soaking wet, partially burned, pulled out of the box car and carted off to the landfill. With my help, of course. I know that was my junk mail in there!
God's way of telling me to lay off about the thermostat. That or someone had a cigarette.
And to make it EVEN sweeter. We weren't sure the bay door closed when we left, so I was imagining heating all of western Wyandotte county. Set at....80 degrees! For 2 hours.
And it was too late to start our baked chicken for dinner so we headed to our favorite takeout I-Hot (get it...mexican restaurant in an old I-Hop...I-Hot).
My food came in STYROFOAM!!!!!
So I'm pulling my sweatpants off the clothes line, putting them in the dryer until they are dry and nice and warm, putting them on and crawling into my bunk. Don't call 911 in my territory until tomorrow at 8am...I'm done.


Anonymous said...

yes...what goes around...but you just KEEP goining around doing what you're doing... you're good for us all!!! gb

Cindy said...

I've always said God has a sense of humor. It's best we learn to laugh at ourselves, lest we take ourselves too seriously, and there's SOOOOOO much material!!! Keep on keepin on, I'm with ya girl.

MUD said...

Mom has a pair of those socks with barley in them. About a minute in the microwave and bingo she has warm feet. The cardboard was probably headed to the west coast to be put in one of those shipping containers and sent to china and remade to package the crap they send back to us. MUD