Thursday, January 31, 2008

Warning...There May Be A Bit Of Bored Blogging Ahead

I don't need a nap, I've finished my book, there are some other rowing things I could be attending to but frankly I'm just not interested.

I'm bored.

You know, 'greening' up my life has really been pretty easy. There isn't anything at home that I'm struggling with. I don't miss the dryer. I like the way my clothes smell when they are dried on the line (even in the basement). Recycling has been pretty easy. The drop off place is close and I've almost got all of the cardboard out of the basement. This new awareness has sparked cleaning and organization like you wouldn't believe! Being more conscious of my driving habits has resulted in more time at home which has allowed me to read more...not to mention the great napping!

Life at the fire station...well, that is another world all together.

Both the rig and the ambulance were crazy dirty this morning and needed to be washed. The spray nozzel for the hose leaks so bad that you can't use it with out getting soaked. This means the hose runs most of the time we are washing the rig...makes me crazy but I can't figure a real way around it short of talking one of the guys into standing in the back of the bay, turning it on and off for us. (not gonna happen!)

The apparatus bay is the big garage where we park the rigs. Why it needs a big industrial heater is beyond me and why, in God's name, why are firefighters given access to the thermostat?? It should be set at a temp that will allow the rigs to start, the water in the pump not to freeze and to keep the back of the ambulance at a temperature that allows it to be warmed quickly for a patient...I think 60 degrees is plenty and I think we could do with 50 degrees.

I need to leave the bay thermostat alone or someone's gonna slug me...

Then there is the recycling issue. I try to get a hold of recyclable items before they are put in the trash. (I WILL NOT dig in the trash for stuff). In a few weeks, after the thermostat issue has died down I plan to quietly bring in a container for recyclables. My guys will probably use it with much eye rolling and humphing. But the other two shifts...forget it!

But I will press on....

And lastly I will answer a few of MUD's questions:

  • I believe it is better to eat what you buy. Buying what you don't need is the ultimate in wasteful consumerism.
  • The producer that maximizes his effort and minimizes his costs does a better job for his bottom line.
  • Yes, I paid $5.99 for two beautiful heirloom tomatoes. I will not eat the waxy winter tomatoes. These were 1-local, 2-fresh and 3-soooo yummy! I would imagine that this farmer does not have a large carbon footprint.
  • Oatmeal cookies are great if you use a lot of cinnamon, real butter, dark chocolate chips and don't over cook them. They should be soft.

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MUD said...

My point about the farmer with the lowest bottom line is, I can he also be the best for the environment also? By who's measurement?
My definition of rich would be to be able to eat a vine ripened tomato anytime anywhere. But, I also love the diced, canned tomatoes when I can't.
Can't say that I have ever eaten an oatmeal cookie w/choc chips.
Barb turns the thermostat down all the time. I just put on more clothes. MUD