Monday, January 14, 2008

Keeping Me Honest

I thought it might be helpful, for me and maybe for some of you, if I talked about and tracked some of my energy usage.
I plan to put a link on the side to track my electric, natural gas, water and fuel consumption.
The electric and water will be easy. The billing date was January 8 so I hope to see some changes in my next bill.
Last month I used 420 KWH (electricity) and 3 CCF (water).
Now before anyone freaks it was Christmas and there was the tree and some outdoor lights and it's an old house and I was a complete energy hog.
I'm doing better now. I expect to see a drop for my January bill.
How many KWHs did you guys use in December?


Kathy said...

548 KWH

Moderately sized new house, small Christmas tree, but wait a minute...our power was out for a week because of the ice storm! Oh, yeah...the electric blanket!

What's average? What's considered good?

My water bill says 69 used. 69 what? I don't know. It can't be gallons. Hmmm

Jenn said...

My water is measured in Cubic Feet...??

mike said...

A cubic foot is about 7.5 gallons.

A CCF is 100 cubic feet. (or 750 gallons!).

My December numbers were 308KWH & 2CCF.

Cindy said...

Okay, so I'm putting myself out on the limb here. Out here in Blue Springs we have Aquila. They gave me an estimated reading on 12-26 and it was 769 KWH. My house is all electric, no gas anything. Translates to $76.86. Now the water they read and it was 160 - there are no CCFs mentioned. There is no way I could have used 160 X 750 or 120,000 gallons of water. The bill was only $21.24. I always knew things in MO were a little different.