Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Miss My Creamy Jiff

I've been shopping closer to home in an effort to use less fuel. I like my regular grocery store much better and it seems that there are more 'green' options there. But it is quite a ways from my house. So the local grocery has been getting more of my business.

Today I shopped in the crazy snow. Nuts but I was already out and need to do some restocking. The cupboards were mighty bare.

I bought apples from Washington because I couldn't find any from anywhere closer...so when I went to look at pears...also from Washington...I bought some thinking, maybe, just maybe they all came on the same truck (smiles, knowing that she's full of s*%t).

I was hungry for some cookies and was not happy with the packaging of any of the cookie choices so I purchased oatmeal (in cardboard) and made my own cookies when I got home. I had everything else I needed and boy are they better than anything I can buy! (MUD, they are pretty close to Uncle Chuck's Chocolate Chip cookies).

I did purchase some hydroponic heirloom tomatoes grown here in Kansas. They are beautiful but $5.99 a pound!

The peanut butter options had me very disappointed. My favorite Creamy Jiff only comes in plastic as do really all the other major brands. I purchased an organic peanut butter for $3.99 when my Jiff was on sale for $1.89.

I'd like to explore some fair trade coffee. But I ended up with a local coffee (Roasterie) which I like but is probably responsible for the death of the song birds. At least it's local company. (this paragraph has been edited for errors, thanks GB)

I did forget my bags so I chose paper and it was interesting watching the checker as she tried to keep my dirty potatoes from touching my Washington apples and then having to remind the sacker that I didn't need the veggies in a plastic bag...crazy!

I bought less than normal to keep from wasting things I buy but don't get around to eating but I spent a bit more because the greener options are often more expensive. I hope it will maybe all even out.


Donna said...

local coffee? what brand of coffee is GROWN in kansas? costco sells a free trade (do you mean fair wage?) coffee that i have not yet tried, but am going to at some point in the near future. i'll let you know how that goes. i'm with you on the packaging...the packaging factor is often a deciding factor in what i purchase. i soooooo wish there was a trader joe's in kc!!!

Jenn said...

By local I mean Roasterie. It's at least a locl companie so there is only the bean issue and yes, I mean 'fair' trade.

MUD said...

OK green Person. Questions:
- Is it better to buy a product you will eat or a more expensive brand you will throw away?
- Is it possible that the producer that spend time maximizing hie efforts and minimizing his costs in fact does a better job that is better for the environment? How does anyone measure that?
- $5.00 a pound for tomatoes, are you crazy? How the hell could that be good for anybody? Does that guy have a horrible carbon footprint and needs to charge $5.00 becaus of his sloppy operation? I hate cardboard tasting tomatoes this time of year and use canned, a lot.
- I don't like home baked or any kind of oatmeal cookie. Barb and ken love them and they have worked on a bunch of different styles. They still taste like dry crap to me.
You really don't have to answer these stupid questions. You know we love you and I think your efforts (well recorded) are to be commended. MUD