Friday, February 01, 2008

Seems like I've signed up for another challenge. Chile over at Chile Chews is challenging us to a spending freeze for the month of February. And since I'm already Freezin' My Buns off it's kind of a theme.

While the basics need to be handled (food, shelter, transportation) I can make cuts in many areas and cut many things out all together. (except chocolate)

The first place I'd like to start is to begin working my way through all the food already in my house. I will need to buy cat and dog food, coffee (can't, don't ask me!), milk, oj and maybe bread. But I have enough rice, canned foods and miscellaneous crap in this house to feed myself for....well, a long time. (yea and the chocolate...won't be givin' up the chocolate)

The next is the obvious one. No shopping. I don't need anything. I have shampoo in the cupboard. I don't like it but I already own it. Tooth paste again, don't like it but I can use it. Enough cleaning and personal care items. I don't need any clothes. Or more crap for my house. (did I mention that I will still be purchasing chocolate...and maybe ingredients for those oatmeal cookies...)

I'm going to be building some boat rack for the back yard and I will scavage the lumber necessary.

I will allow myself $10 per week to eat out. I have lunch with the Petty Girls (Mom, Aunt Sue, Kimmy, Carrie and Janet) once a week and it is essential to my sanity and important for our relationships.

I will have some expenditures for a gathering on Saturday but as it was planned before my decision to join this challenge those expenditures will be grandfathered in.

So....anyone want to join in?

I'll allow all the chocolate and homemade oatmeal cookies you need.


Chile said...

So does that mean you'd ship me some chocolate chip oatmeal cookies? ;-)

MUD said...

We are rehabbing the Valley Brook House so I'll be spending money this month. Can't help it, just gotta do it. MUD

Kimmy said...

What about the new table??

Jenn said...

Purchased January 30th. Slid in just under the wire.

Aunt Sue said...

I bought 8 green bags today at HyVee and My husband would'nt check out with me because he was embarrased. Oh well he is an old Republican and can't seem to change. He has said that he won't vote for McCain so that leaves an African American or a woman. Boy, I can't wait for election day
Aunt Sue

Kathy said...

Speaking of election day...should I be supporting a candidate so I don't have to listen to my husband if the OTHER candidate wins? Probably not the best way to decide, huh?