Thursday, February 07, 2008

15 Minutes Better

My guess is that New Year's resolutions often take on a life of their own.

Now, we have all mumbled at 11:55pm on January 31st "I'm (not)going to...whatever". And then had another drink, yelled Happy New Year, hugged someone and gone about our merry way...and the only thing different, the date you write on your checks.

Sometimes it changes your life. Unexpectedly.

Here were the goals I had for 2008. Posted on this blog for the world (or the 6 of you) to see.
Living a greener life. Decreasing my carbon footprint.
Living healthier. Diet, exercise...yada, yada, yada.
Continuing to improve my financial position and reach my financial goals.
Being more positive with my self and others.
Most of you know that I've unplugged my dryer, bring my own bags, am freezing my buns off, trimmed the fat and turned all the lights off until my lovie got lost in the dark.

What you don't know is how it's changed me. I mean really changed me.

Rhonda Jean at Down To Earth posts about the simple things in life. Taking pride in your home and loving the little things you do to make your home...a true home. I've thought a lot about this as I've hung my clothes in the basement, dried and put away my dishes, cuddled under a blanket with my cats in my cold house, cleaned and uncluttered my home...and my mind.

My mind is clearer and less muddled with 'I wants'. I appreciate the quiet moments when I can hear the dogs breathing. I love the way my house looks when I drive up to it at night. I enjoy a simple dinner cooked in my tiny kitchen.

The Trimming the Fat challenge has rerouted my brain. I am now thinking about time not things.

I'll grow something to eat this year. I'll be putting in a clothes line and sleeping in fresh sunny sheets. I'm going to compost and create my own earth.

I'm obsessed with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) a great movement that connects farnmers and the community. Bringing fresh, locally grown produce into our homes. The local CSA's are full for the year but I'm on a waiting list and will be a regular at the farmer's market and hope to share the bounty grown by my parents in Lawrence.

I remember years saying 'no thank you' to my mother as she tried to give me 14oo yellow squash or 400 apples. 'I live alone!" I'd say. This year I'll take anything she offers. I'll freeze, I'll eat, I'll share, I'll create. Who might get some. footprint is smaller. I'm healthier and this will continue as I eat local and (gasp) ride my bike to work. My financial position can only continue to improve as I keep my tush (and my debit card) out of Target. I'm getting to know myself. Having more quiet time.

Today I will put up a dream board. A place to think and plan what my life will be.

And a mailbox near the door to leave my worry and struggles in before I come into my home.
And starting today I will try to find a way to make each day...15 minutes better (thanks

It's good. Really good.


Cindy said...

Wow, my friend. This IS good, REALLY good. I know you are conserving energy and all, but I think a light bulb (one that draws on spiritual power perhaps) has clicked on and is shining bright. Thanks for sharing. And count me in on any extra tomatoes, zucchini, whatever you grow, accumulate and wish to share. I'm there.

MUD said...

So long as Target sells popcorn, I'll always have a reason to go there. I think getting a box of their salty popcorn and watching people as they come in to the store is about as good as it gets. Other than that, I don't go there often. MUD

Donna said...

very cool! i just love the way the word 'hommmmme' sounds. i get all warm and fuzzy just thinking about it.

Kathy said...

Target popcorn?!?! Count me in!

As for the time, not things journey...I've been on that journey for a while but still need to improve.

I think so many people miss those 'listening to the pets breathe' moments because they are so overscheduled with stuff and are never at home.

My non-existent social life is no longer boring or sad. It's green! :)

MUD said...

I think some of the best thinking comes when there is nothing else to listen to. If I left things in a mailbox by the door, I would die of sheer boredom. It is funny that some times I miss Barb when she is out but I find myself in the basement and her upstairs when she is home. I do go up to get a kiss now and then (and a snack too) MUD

Chile said...

How inspiring! I've been amazed at the changes in our thinking and lifestyle in the past 9 months, too. Sheesh, I guess I could say I've been born anew...but that would sound too religious. ;-)