Monday, February 11, 2008

Keeping It Honest

Here are my totals for utility and fuel consumption so far:

Auto Fuel
January $214 (estimated 73 gallons)
I am tracking miles driven and actual gallons in February. 73 gallons seems like an awful lot! Need to watch this!

December 2007 420 KWH
January 2008 332 KWH
Here I did well. I've dropped my electrical usage by almost 1/4th. I've switched to CFLs for the lights I'm leaving on. I freecycled the deep freeze. Not using the dryer...even though it is a gas dryer it plugs into the wall so it uses some electricity. I need to still deal with rechargeables and things like the VCR, microwave and other items that don't need to be plugged in all the time.

December 2007 3 CCF (2250 Gallons)
January 2008 4 CCF (3000 Gallons)
The January bill says that the January reading is estimated. This may be related to the water main break we had a few weeks ago...We'll see if it changes in Feb.

Natural Gas
December 2007 10.3 MCF
January 2008 11.2 MCF
This one has me puzzled? I guess it was VERY cold in January. And they did replace my meter this month...we'll see if Feb gets better...

It is interesting that this is something I've NEVER even paid attention to before.

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