Sunday, February 03, 2008


This is my beautiful girl. She's 13 and full of spunk. And going blind.

Her sight hasn't been great for a couple of years and in the last two weeks she's lost most of it.

I expect that it won't be long until she is completly sightless.

Now, before I get all kinds of questions about vets and is my position on pets and their health.

When I take an animal into my home I accept responsibility for that animal. For the duration of their life. I provide nutritional food, clean water, appropriate shelter, preventative medical care, emergent medical care if nececssary, love and attention. (and treats and toys, comfort during scary thunderstorms, trips to the dog park and cuddles on the couch)

If one of my critters has an accident or a medical condition that is treatable, not going to result in a chronic medical issue, can be treated with little or no pain and discomfort to them and they can be 100% after treatment I will do everything in my power to provide for that.

I will not subject an old dog to medical treatments that only prolong an issue or choose chemotherapy for cancer knowing that a cure is relativly impossible.

Rescue has cataracts in both eyes. She's 13. She hates to go to the vet. She will function just fine without her eyesight. Eventually.

I think the transition is going to be hard. For both of us.

I have been walking around in the dark. You know...saving the whales and all.

My girl is having a hard time in very low light. She gets turned around in dark rooms. Won't walk into a room unless it is lit. While I know that soon her whole world will be dark right now she needs some light. It will be the last light she ever sees.

So we'll be leaving the lights on.

I'm sure the whales will understand.


Kathy said...

Leave those lights on and love that girl. You both deserve it!

Cindy said...

Wiggles developed SARDS. Google it and you will find lots of info about "blind dogs" that will be helpful.

Rebecca said...

Gosh...make me cry why don't you???

MUD said...

Sounds like you have a great feeling for your animals and I won't argue with you for a minute. Make sure that the vet gets a good look at her and it isn't something serious like a lesion or brain tumor. MUD

Chile said...

It's hard when our animals hurt. In the big picture, turning on lights to keep her from hurting herself is not going to kill off the whales, but I'm sure you already know that. Take care of your pooch and yourself.

Rebecca said...

I have read this to everyone who will listen and it makes me cry each time.