Tuesday, February 05, 2008


(I don't know why this layout is so scrambled...I've tried fixing it but...)

This is how I spent the lovely 70 degree day yesterday. All of the lumber is reused but I purchased $20 worth of joist hangers and hardware. Today...4-6 inches of snow...crazy!

Here are some pics of Rescue that I tried to find for the last post.

This is her favorite place in the yard.

I think she was watching the men repair the water main break a few weeks ago. They were making a lot of noise!

This is yesterday. She kept me company all day.


Ruthie said...

Your heeler is beautiful, too. Snoopy is our first heeler and it's been a learning experience but she's an awesome pup. She's only 5. We've had her 1.5 months now.

My old man cat Pooh Bear is also going blind. He is also very frail and thin, having muscle atrophy and fat loss. You can really feel his spine. Fortunately he still purrs and cuddles under the blanket. I have the exact same sentiments as you do about pets. And I work at a vet clinic! I almost feel that prolonging the life of an older, feeble animal through treatments, medications, fluids, etc, is more cruel than kind. Animals are more natural than we are. They are ready to go when it's time. My lack of use of medication for my kitty has spurred conversations at the vet clinic, but it's easy to point out that I don't refuse Mr Bear pain killers because it's inconvenient or I can't afford it, I refuse him them because I just don't think it's right.


Kimmy said...

What a pretty girl!