Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Just A Little Thing We Took Care Of In The Middle Of The Night

It was 6 degrees out...2am...yeah, good times.


Donna said...

Isn't that why you get paid the big bucks? : )

I'll bet that all you could think about was your warm toasty bed, and a few critters curled up beside you!

MUD said...

Did you get to roast any marshmallows? Looks like a fixer upper to me! MUD

Cindy said...

Lets see, I remember your thinking my job was like, no fun, and you'd just keep puttin out fires thank you very much! (:

At times like these and times I've whined about, our jobs equally suck.

Anonymous said...

You do the most dangerous job on earth and I am so proud of you. I hate winter but it can not compare to wet and cold in the middle of the night.
Love Aunt Sue