Thursday, February 21, 2008

Winter In Kansas

My good friend the Ronneblogger sent this to me. Maybe she's freezin too!
(I tried to link to the Freezin Challenge but I can't get it to work...the link is in my side bar)

And for those of you not enjoying this KC's 15 and sleeting.

Good times.


Donna said...

couldn't help but think of you when i saw up that grain warmer, my friend!!! : )

Cindy said...

Can you attach that warmer to your bum?? I was out earlier today - yowsa! Came home quick and NOT goin' out again till it warms up - or until the next happy hour - wait, that's tomorrow. Ok, so I'll see ya all tomorrow.

MUD said...

Had to go over to the Valley Brooke house this AM to let the carpet installers in. Had to stop three times and scrape ice before the defroster got warm enough to keep it clean. Long cold day today. Keep warm. MUD