Friday, February 29, 2008

Stress Less In March Challege

Original photo: Pierre Pouliquin.

Our Friend
Chile has a March Challenge for us.

Commit to 30 minutes per day of some kind of mindfulness. It can be yoga, meditation, relaxation, prayer, focused exercise, or whatever works for you. Choose a time block that you will keep from thinking about all the problems in the world and in your life, but don't just fill your mind with distractions (like TV or playing a video game).

Does doing my Yoga tape On the TV count as not using TV a distraction?

I commit to daily Yoga either at home or with a class.

And I will turn the TV off in the afternoons.

As many of you know I am moving into the craziest time of my year. The spring is so busy and stressful.

I would like to focus and be more calm and connected and present. Less scattered and short tempered.

We'll see.

(a post on the success of the February challenge soon)

1 comment:

Chile said...

I may have to pop a yoga DVD in myself to get back into it. I'll just skip doing it with the DVD on the one unplug day I'm doing for Melinda's challenge. (Anybody else confused with all the challenges they're doing?!)

Glad to have you chillin' for this one, Jenn.