Friday, February 08, 2008

Week One of the Spending Freeze

So all in all not too bad.

Our weekly lunch was cancelled due to too much snow for the Mom's to travel.

I went the grocery for milk and and an unexpected purchase of...well, let's just say...ummm...a 'monthly need'.

There were CFL's on sale, 6 in all cardboard packaging. As I'm leaving some lights on for Rescue I thought replacing the bulbs in a few places made good enviornmental sense...$14 and some change.

Dinner at the station didn't cost me anything as we had the baked chicken that was planned for the day we had the big recycling fire. And the guys paid $4 a piece so I was in the black $8.

I spent $22ish on some hardware to complete the boat racks on the shed. I used all recycled lumber and only purchased some joist hangers and really long deck screws.

I have limped along on 1 tank of gas since last Wednesday. It's really empty so today I will fill up.

I have spent $16 at the chiropracter this week. My right hand is numb every morning and this chronic neck issue needed some attention. It's better now.

I paid $75 for the software to do my taxes but I'll be getting $950 back so I consider that a wash.

Today I'm headed to the grocery for a few things. I'll buy cheese from the deli and have them put it in a container I'll bring along. I'll also be purchasing the things I'll need to make some bread. I'm buying in bulk and using my own bags.
I need some OJ and cat food. And I may buy some fruit...apples and bananas.

Things I would have purchased this week but did not:

  • Hair Color - Grey is 'in' right?
  • Printer Cartridge
  • A hair cut - So it's hanging in my eyes...I'll deal


Donna said...

oh...and I just remembered that I forgot to tell you about this story from the 2-Feb NYTimes. If you haven't seen it, check it out at

Kathy said...

Grey is beautiful--look at Beth Lucasey! I think she's absolutely stunning!

And there's all the beautiful people on Grey's Anatomy. That counts, doesn't it?

It's a message to all the girls of the world--age is lovely. Strength. Wisdom. A sense of self.

You go!

Donna said...

just as smart is the new skinny...grey is the new green! carry on.

Chile said...

I'm back to grey myself...

Can you cut your own hair? Sometimes I do, but then again I don't care what I look like.