Thursday, February 28, 2008


Had lunch with the Petty Girls yesterday. It's a standing Wednesday lunch date with my mother, my aunt, my little sis and two of my cousins. We've been lunching since last spring and it has become a wonderful touchstone for all of us. We've always been connected by our shared experiences but now we feel connected in our present. It's so great.


It also can be the time when our mothers can bug us about stuff (smiling). Or vice versa, really.

Yesterday it was my turn to be bugged.

My cousin's daughter has become my roommate. Sharing my house and the crazy love of all of our crazy animals. She added two nutty cats to my menagerie of two dogs and two cats. (I know, I know...I really am the crazy cat lady...4 cats AND reusing the tinfoil...oye!)

It's going very well...everyone is getting along and Manda and I are managing to keep up with the cat hair and the litter box. Manda's great fun. She's young and darling and cool to be around.

And she's freezing.

She's been a great sport but my mother read me the riot act and told that way that only mothers turn the heat up already!

So I did. Only a little.

And I bought a thermostat and will aim for a temp around 64 degrees.

And Manda can put on a sweater.

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