Friday, February 29, 2008

A Catch Up For An Old Friend

Mags...she's 14 and going strong. Loves to snuggle and get into the trash. A good friend to all, cats, dogs, little kids. Bed hog. shy. I'll work on a better picture. He's part Maine Coon, part hermit. He will observe but never get involved. He needs the water bowl completely full. And has to sleep near my right shoulder and if the pillow is too far to the right...he'll let me know.
Rescue...smartest dog I've ever know. And maybe the most challenging. She's a one human dog and I'm her human. She is about 90% blind. Has some sight left in her right eye. Loves to swim, sit on the porch and will still chase the frisbee even if she can no longer catch it.
Jack...he's a freak but very cute. Scared of everyone and everything. Most people have only seen him in pictures. He is needy and vocal. He has to be where I am and be the center on my world. Unless we have company...then he cannot be found.

And me...this picture was taken by my 5 year old nephew Andrew. It....really looks like me. Single, set in my ways, self centered, busy, lover of nephews and animals, coach of rowers and basketball boys, driver of the big red truck and trying to live my life with less ecological impact.


Donna said...

GREAT pix...I LOVE your creatures!!! : )

Kathy said...

They all have their personalities, don't they?!?! And you're in love with every one! :)

MUD said...

And where is the pictures of your new roommates? How you haven't found someone that loves you like we do escapes me. MUD